Why do we need to develop ‘Executive Presence’

Why Do You Need Executive Presence


 We find that most of the Characteristics that

differentiate the outstanding performers

are those things

that we call social and emotional competencies

Richard Boyatzis, 2008  Emotional Intelligence

Studies by Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute and The Carnegie Foundation indicate that while academics are essential, over 85% of one’s career success can be directly attributed to social skills, all of which can be developed.


Social skills are the skills we use to communicate with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and image. In addition to this, soft skills are also described as how we make people ‘feel’ about us and this includes the study of emotional intelligence and inter personal skills.

Developing your ‘soft skills’ will enable you to

  • To increase your level of personal impact on others
  • To progress in your career
  • To be remembered
  • To be listened to by your superiors, peers and direct reports
  • To increase your self-confidence
  • To develop relationships of trust and loyalty
  • To be considered an important member of your team

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