Speaking of Speaking – A Practical guide to designing Speech & Presentation Experiences – by Lynn Baker

Speaking of Speaking – Kindle Book

Lynn Baker, a recognised leader in the field of Public Speaking, recently launched her much-anticipated book entitled ‘Speaking of Speaking’ – A Practical Guide on Designing Speech and Presentation Experiences.

According to Lynn – “Times have changed and it is no longer enough to deliver a lecture style speech or bullet point presentation! Sharing information in a clear, concise and eloquent style is a critical element of a professional brand, as it reflects on the level professionalism and credibility of the presenter”

 To remain relevant, aspiring professional speakers and business presenters must re-think the way they plan, prepare and perform the sharing of information. Audiences today demand visually appealing and intellectually stimulating content, delivered as dynamic performances that create memorable experiences”

Although the book falls into the category of guide, it is by no means a traditional workbook.  Speaking of Speaking offers a modern take on what is required to create and deliver world class presentations that attract and hold the attention of increasingly demanding audiences.

After years of coaching professional speakers, senior executives and celebrities on designing and delivering great presentations, Lynn has combined all the tools and techniques that worked for her clients, into a visually stimulating and easy to read practical guide.

The book addresses the 3 key areas of presenting; planning, preparing and performing.

Unlike many other books in this field, Speaking of Speaking illustrates practical frameworks on which to build the structure of different types of presentations, including simple speeches, keynote speeches and sales presentations.

In the performing section of the book, Lynn delves into areas of presenting that have simply not been discussed in this space before. Touching on cutting-edge thinking such as getting conscious of the energy in the room, delivering conversations in motion and exuding charisma with a respectable dose of humility. Finally, Lynn exposes the ultimate secret of the world’s best speakers, by introducing the elusive concept of getting’ into the zone’, or what is now known as ‘flow state’.

Lynn has done an immaculate job of intertwining age-old wisdom in terms of presentations, with cutting edge concepts that will shift the thinking of anyone who reads it. The  quality of the look and feel of the book, as well as the ease at which it flows, makes it a reading delight.

Visually inspiring and content rich, Speaking of Speaking is the modern executives guide on how to master a crucial aspect of their professional brand, being public speaking.

If you are preparing an important speech or presentation, this new book will prove to be an invaluable source of information. It will not only assist you to consolidate masses of content into strategic key points that drive results, but it will give you a new perspective on how to deliver it.


LYNN BAKER is a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Executive Presence & Business Image Consultant, Professional Speaker and successful business woman.

In 1991 Lynn was the founder of one of South Africa’s most successful Speaker Agencies, representing the best of the best on the South African speaking circuit.

In 2001 Lynn joined the Tsogo Sun Group, where she was responsible for launching and managing Montecasino Corporate Events in Johannesburg .

In 2010 she returned to her passion of Public Speaking and completed a course with World Class Speakers in the USA, where at the time, she qualified as the only ‘Certified World Class Speaking Coach’ in Africa.

In March 2016, Lynn was appointed Programme Director of the Executive Speaker Programme – run by Henley Business School in association with Unique Speaker Bureau.  She is also the Head of the Unique Speaker Bureau – Speaker Academy, a position that sees her guiding and grooming aspiring new professional speakers to hone their content and deliver dynamic presentation experiences.

Lynn Baker is the Managing Director of Executive Presence Pty Ltd, a consultancy that assists business executives, thought leaders and celebrities turn their ideas into memorable performances.

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Mastering the art of delivering dynamic Business Presentation Skills

Executive doing a Speech pic

“A presentation should be like a ladies skirt,

 long enough to cover the subject but short enough to create interest”

Winston Churchill

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Exec Presence slide 1 jpg

Executive Presence is not a title that you give yourself, it is an honoury title bestowed upon you by colleagues, peers and constituents, because you have gained professional credibility and earned their respect.

Executive Presence is the ultimate level that a person achieves when their physical, mental and emotional state has matured to such a degree, that they inspire others to trust them in the role of leadership in companies, corporations and countries.

The concept of Executive Presence is not an exact science, it is an elusive term that has prompted many studies by reputable Universities around the world, to uncover its attributes and define its legitimacy.

Executive Presence is defined by a complex combination of internal and external attributes. To a large degree, presence is about the impressions we create and the perceptions others receive of us.  However, as elusive as this concept is, the one thing we do know for sure about Executive Presence, is that it must come from a base of authenticity. Authenticity is the ability to be true to oneself and not present a façade. Humans have an innate ability to quickly determine authenticity and the lack of it can and will, diminish your credibility.

The internal attributes of presence refer to the social and emotional intelligence of an individual and their ability to connect and interact on all levels. Emotionally mature leaders have the ability to develop lasting relationships of trust that inspire others to grow and flourish under their command.  Internal attributes also refer to the characteristics of an individual, such as confidence, charisma and humility. An essential ingredient of Executive Presence is a strong value system, as honesty, integrity; respect and compassion are the foundation on which relationships of trust are built.

The external attributes of Executive Presence refer to the professional appearance of the individual, as well poise, posture and body language. Although corporate dress code has changed dramatically over the last decade, there is still a stereotype perception of how one is expected to dress when in a position of power. Posture contributes largely to how one is perceived and recent studies show that individuals make a judgement about you within 100 milliseconds of meeting you, it is therefore imperative that one’s image is seriously considered when looking to develop higher levels of presence.  Strong personal branding is just the starting point in developing Executive Presence, aspiring leaders need to move to the next level and position themselves as ‘Thought Leaders’ in their industry in order to make it to the top.

A leaders’ ability to communicate at all levels is a crucial quality that one must develop in order to gain high levels of credibility. Sadly, this is often one of the most underutilised tools in a leaders’ toolbox that they often neglect to develop.  In today’s fast paced world of electronic communication, we often forget to stop and actively listen during conversations, because attention is continuously diverted by the multitude of media on our smartphones and electronic devices.  Active listening is a powerful way to connect and build rapport with others and leaders would be well advised to consider whether they actually practice active listening or if they are pretending to be listening.

Excelling in the art of Public Speaking is the pinnacle of exuding high levels of Executive Presence, as this is the time one is judged the most. Many high level executives now work with a Public Speaking Coach to ensure that they make the most

of every speaking opportunity to develop credibility and raise their professional profile.

If one aspires to increasing their levels of Executive Presence, there are 6 essential elements that need to be focused on:-

Confidence           Improve levels of self-perception – avoid arrogance

Connecting            Focus on developing relationships of trust

Competence         Shift from Competence to Business Intelligence

Credibility              Evolve from Person Branding to Professional positioning

Communication     Practice active listening and master the art of Public Speaking

Charisma                Manage your mojo – permanently positive attitude, high energy & Gravitas